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45th anniversary of "Spring Mau Than 1968" General offensive and uprising.

Spring Mau Than 1968

In early 1965, the special war of the Americans completely failed. After 1965, Vietnamese communist forces were able to defeat two strategic counterattacks by the US army in the dry seasons of 1965-1966 and 1966-1967 and drive them into the defensive position. In the north, Vietnameses also won the first air strike war by the American imperialist. 

The Vietnamese resistance political and armed forces in the south were becoming stronger and we were holding an active position in the battlefield. The 14th Plenum session of the Central Committee of the Communist Party (January 1968) affirmed that Vietnamese people were facing large potential and strategic opportunities. The revolutionaries war had entered a new period – the period of seizing decisive success. 

 From that assessment, Vietnamese Communist Party planned to launch an comprehensive offensive during the lunar new year festival (Tet) of 1968 in order to deal a strong and devastating blow to the Americans and destroy their invading ambitions. The offensive in 1968 was a daring and creative policy. It was the first time in 10 years of fighting the Americans, that "VietCong" brought the war into urban areas and attacked right at the headquarters of the enemy, shaking the United States and changing around the strategic position of the American forces. The offensive once again confirmed the creativeness of the strategic direction of our Party. The Tet offensive in 1968 had an important significance and created a decisive turning point in the war, marking the defeat of the American’s local war and forcing the Americans to sit at the negotiation table in Paris, and unconditionally stop bombing the north. As a result, the Americans planned to deescalate the war and withdraw their troops from the south from 1969.

Source: FB - Socialist VIETNAMs View

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