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10 New beauty spots for April 30th holiday and summer holiday

The list of 10 new destinations that few people know will be great choices for you for April 30th holiday and the next summer holiday

1. Ly Son – Quang Ngai

Ly Son beach
Ly Son is an island district of Quang Ngai province, including three islands: Lon island (also called Re), Be island (also called Bo Bai) and Mu Cu island. Ly Son attracts tourists with imposing lava walls in many different shapes, primitive beaches, the majesty of Hang temple, An Hai communal house, Duc temple, and the historical relic of Hoang Sa – Truong Sa flotilla … Coming here, tourists also have a chance to enjoy good food, and unique dishes. The most special dish is “Gỏi” (literally salad rolls) made of cripsy garlic leaves.

 2. Phu Yen

Phu Yen  
Phu Yen has the potentiality to attracting visitors to go to Dai Lanh, Vung Ro, Xuan Dai bay, Da Dia, O Loan… There is an airport in Tuy Hoa city with many convenient routes for tourists. However, Phu Yen tourism is now still new to many people. On the next April 30th and May 1st holiday, not many people choose to go on a visit to Phu Yen, althought there is a wonderful cuisine culture, and the hotel service is cheaper than that in other places.

 3. Quy Nhon

Quy Nhon

The nature has generously given Quy Nhon, Binh Dinh beautiful beaches  like Bai Dai, Bai Xep, Nhon Ly (Quy Nhon), Cat Tien, Cat Hai (Phu Cat), Lo Dieu, Tam Quan (Hoai Nhon), especially beaches belonging to the national ecotourism route Phuong Mai – Nui Ba such as Hai Giang beach, Trung Luong beach, Vinh Hoi, Tan Thanh beach. They are the most beautiful beaches in the South Central Coast with the beautiful scenery. Like Phu Yen, seafood here is very abandant and the local people here are very friendly and hospitable.

 4. Ninh Chu – Ninh Thuan

Ninh Chu – Ninh ThuanNinh Chu beach
Ninh Chu is a beach belonging to Binh Son hamlet, Van Hai commune, Ninh Thuan province. Ninh Chu is well-known and considered as one of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam. Combining with Binh Son, Ninh Chu has become the tourism area Binh Son – Ninh Chu. Ninh Chu beach is clean, and beautiful. It will be a great destination for touists.

 5. Hai Tac island – Kien Giang

Hai Tac island – Kien GiangHai Tac island

It takes you over one hour to go to Hai Tac island from the mainland. Hai Tac island belongs to Kien Giang province. Most its area is covered by forest. Coming here, you can wallow in the clear blue sea or listen to fishmen’s stories about pirates. Diving into cool sea water, you can catch shellfish, fish, crabs… Then you can grill or boil them and enjoy them with your friends.

6. Dray Nur waterfall – Dray Sap

Dray Nur waterfall – Dray SapDray Nur waterfall
From Buon Ma Thuot city, going along the avenue 14 to the border of Dak Lak and Dak Nong and going 12 kilometers more, you will see the most imposing waterfall in Tay Nguyen – Dray Nur waterfall. Dray Nur is next to Dray waterfall belonging to Dak Nong province. At the foot of the waterfall, there are gently flowing branches of a river curving round rocks. Two waterfalls are suitable for picnic,  camping, barbecue…

 7. Bien Ho – Gia Lai

Bien Ho – Gia Lai

To Nung lake is a tourist attraction in Gia Lai province. Bien Ho was originally a volcano that has stopped operating for a long time. The road leading to the lake is picturesque with two lines of pine trees. At the end of the road, climbing the stone stairs, tourists will see a charming house built in the hight hill near the lake. Surrounding the lake is trees and colourful flowers blooming.

8. Beach and Co Thach rocks – Phan Thiet

Beach and Co Thach rocks – Phan Thiet

Stretching in a part of a beach in Binh Thanh commune, Tuy Phong district, Co Thach  rocks is the seven-colour rocks in Co Thach tourism area. The rocks are in different shapes and sizes. The rocks is recognized as the rocks having the most colours, and shapes in Vietnam by Vietbook. The beach and Co Thach rocks are 100 kilometers far from Phan Thiet city.

 9. Binh Ba island – Khanh Hoa

Binh Ba island – Khanh Hoa

Being 60 kilometers far from Nha Trang city to the south, Cam Ranh bay stretches as a beautiful ferret. The sky is blue and it is sunny all year round. Binh Ba is quite new to travellers following a package tour, but it is an ideal destination to people who like going backpacking.
From Ba Ngoi harbour (Cam Ranh harbour), it takes you about an hour to go by boat to the island. The scenery here is still primitive: stretch of smooth white sand, and granite rocks.

 10. Đa Nhay beach – Quang Binh

Đa Nhay beach – Quang Binh

Being situated at the foot of Ly Hoa mountain pass in Hai Trach commune, Bo Trach district, Da Nhay beach has been recognized as the national tourist attraction with a beautiful beach, clear sea water, lots of seafood. Besides, Da Nhay also attracts tourists with many beauty spots, interesting caves and series of activities like sailing, climbing, hunting in the forest, diving and enjoying good seafood.

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