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Dai Lai Lake – stunning spot for nature lovers

When touring to Dai Lai tourist area in Phuc Yen Township, Vinh Phuc Province, tourists will have a chance to admire the wonderful natural scenery with a 500-hectare lake amidst an area of magnificent mountains and forests.

Moreover, a series of hotels, restaurants and entertainment areas around the lake will complete the setting and offer more options for tourists to kick back and enjoy their holidays. But it wasn’t always like this.
In the past, the lake area was a neglected valley on the side of Than Lan mountain range while the other side was deserted hills stretching into Tam Dao Mountain.

In the past, during the flooding season, water from streams poured down, creating waterfalls and eroding local farms. Therefore, local authorities were asked to build up Dai Lai Lake in 1959 and it was completed in 1963. The lake’s surface is 525 hectares and contains about 26.4 million cubic meters of water and is about 21 meters deep.

The lake brings much benefit for local people, especially serving as irrigation for farmers as well as tourism potential.

Dai Lai Lake is surrounded by endless green. To the north is Tam Dao Mountain and the other three sides boast mounts and hills in Than Lan mountain range form as a green protection belt.

Tam Dao Mountain

Tam Dao Mountain

Taking a boat cruise around the lake, tourists will discover a lot of splendid scenery and will be amazed by the riddles of nature due to its small valleys, caves and hills created out of small peninsulas and islets. Some islets amidst the lake such as bird islet and pearl islet are hotspots tourists should not miss.

There is a swimming beach area at the lake, but tourists can also take a trek to Than Lan Mountain to capture the panoramic view of Hanoi from afar and Phuc Yen Township from below. Trekkers will also see Than Lan military base which has the records of victories of Vietnamese revolutionary soldiers during the war against French colonialists.

Those who love trekking can go up to the north and go through Nhe Pass to Thai Nguyen Province to visit Suoi Lanh Lake, to Khe Pass to admire Da Den Mountain or trek to Mo Qua Mountain to conquer high cliffs.

Seen from above, tourists will see the green hills with water surfaces in Xa Huong, Lang Ha, Gia Khau lakes. Crossing further hills, tourists will come across villages of San Diu ethnic people.

Dai Lai Lake is also attractive with many entertainment facilities such as the Flamingo Dai Lai Resort, Dai Lai golf court or art camps.
Flamingo Dai Lai Resort
Flamingo Dai Lai Resort
Moreover, local authorities have decided to develop a 280-hectare eco-tourism site in Than Lan Mountain.


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