Wednesday, May 22, 2013

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Mut dua sua tuoi (candied coconut in fresh milk)

Today I will show you how to make a simple and very delicious fruit snack that you can prepare and amaze your guests: candied coconut in fresh milk.

candied coconut in fresh milk
1kg of young fresh coconut.
600g sugar 250ml of fresh milk. (Ratio: 10 coconut : 6 sugar : 2.5 milk)
In a big pot (pot has to be completely dry), add in the 3 ingredients one by one and mix them.  Put the pot over medium heat and mix them gently. We will need about an hour to get the final product.

In the first 30 mins, just stir and mix them every 2-3 minutes. I know this is quite a long and boring process, but just keep an eye on them Ok, don't fall asleep or go check your facebook like what I did last year, if you don't want burnt coconut.After 30 mins: the coconut should have a lightly yellowish color. Turn to low heat. Keep separating them every now and then so they don't get stick to each other.After 50 mins: turn heat to lowest level as the milk liquid have thickened and thus will get burnt very easily.

After 1 hour+: Turn off stove when the coconut is completely dry. Although coconut may have a light gold color now, it will gradually turn to a cream off-white color after cooling down.The final product should have an off white color and a mildly sweet and rich taste. Store them in glass containers for the coming holiday.This dish is quite simple to make, but looks sophisticated and most importantly, very delicious. 

Source: Danangcuisine

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