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Bo Da - a unique pagoda in Bac Giang

Bo Da pagoda in Bac Giang has its own ancient beauty attracting numerous visitors and pilgrims.
Bo Da, also known as Bo or “Quan Am at mount Bo Da” is one of the most unique pagoda in Tien Son commune, Viet Yen district, Bac Giang province and a major Buddhist center of the Truc Lan Yen Tu zen.

The ancient entrance of Bo Da pagoda
The pagoda is situated at the foot of a beautiful pine hill that is surrounded by soil walls, mountains and rivers. Bo Da is called “soil pagoda” because it was made from a brown soil, antique walls and bricks.
Bo Da has unique architecture that is different from the traditional pagoda in the North of Vietnam. The pagoda contains 18 temples, nearly 100 ancient rooms with harmonious architectural layout, special materials: unique soil, bricks…Moreover, Bo Da has an ancient garden temple where ashes bones of more than 1,400 monks and nuns were buried.
The pagoda has still preserved the oldest Buddhist Vietnam prayer book that carved on wood. Pagoda also keeps a very interesting devise of Nguyen Hong famous writer that was a handwritten copy of the rules in the pagoda.
The place preserve lots of prayer book

Unique garden temples in Bo Da


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