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Vietnam in gorgeous photos of bike backpackers

Having a chance to explore the highway Saigon – Hanoi by bicycle, Mr Hung Nguyen had interesting experiences.

The highway 1A is the top choice for bike backpackers who want to conquer their own abilities. Many of them like the roads along the coast of the central region of Vietnam because of its beauty and spectacular mountain passes. To people loving discovery and having a good stamina, a long trip from Saigon to Hanoi will bring unforgettable memories. Before starting out, asking people having experiences for advice, and preparing everything carefully with your close friends are very necessary to help you overcome difficulties before starting out.

Hung’s trip lasted 18 days, going through 20 provinces from Saigon to Hanoi. Everyday he rode 100 kilometers in 6 hours. He started riding from 6 am and had a short break of 15 minutes and take a rest of 2 hours at midday.

Here are Hung’s experiences when going backpacking by bicycle:

- You should prepare good mental health and physical health to be able to ride all day. Depending on your physical strength, you can choose a suitable itinerary. Doing exercise everyday before starting your journey will help your body not to pain when riding for hours.

- The ideal weight of luggage is less than 15 kilograms. You should avoid carry too many electronic devices and valuable items. In addition, carrying casual clothes, sport clothes, and costumes being able to protect your skin from sunshine is very important.

- Camera or small camcorder will be necessary to capture great memories. You also shoul not forget to carry GPS device.

- You need to make a plan for your journey and find out about places to eat and drink, and accomodation to stay overnight. Also, you have to ask for price before buying anything in strange regions.

- Getting enough water and minerals for your body is what you have to remember. You should not eat strange food and unhygienic food.

- Being careful when you take part in traffic, especially in northern provinces, the highways are quite bad. You should not go in the evening or go in deserted streets.

- You need partners in your journey except that you can be independent or you like going alone.

- Being always cheerful and optimistic. Communicating with local people will help you more understand about their life and custom.

Contemplating beautiful photos Hung took in his journey:

At dawn in Binh Thuan countryside
Boats on Ca Ty River, Phan Thiet
Salt fields at Binh Thuan
The coastal passes in the Central of Vietnam
Vietnam in gorgeous photos of bike backpackers
Pristine beach
Water was puffed to make visitors feel cool.
At sunset on National Highway 1A
O Loan Dam, one of the national landscape.
A coastal fishing village of Phu Yen.
Scenery in Binh Dinh
A corner of Da Nang city was seen from beach
At the foot of the Hai Van Pass, this is a very difficult challenge for visitors 
The sun sets in Trang An- Ninh Binh
A rural corner of the northern Vietnam.
Guom Lake-Hanoi in the afternoon
Translated by Nguyen Quynh

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