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Tasting specialties of Ly Son Island

For culinary enthusiasts, Ly Son is an ideal place to enjoy fresh seafood, combined with spices and rustic recipes.

In recent years, many visitors have come to Ly Son to enjoy the pristine scenery and numerous kinds of fresh seafood here.
In the spacious restaurant on the island, visitors can enjoy the delicious dish such as fried fish, king crab, sea cucumbers…

Cheap and delicious dishes at market.
First off, in order to awaken the taste buds, we ordered snail sautéed lemongrass.  Snail is smaller than our thumb with hard shell but when it is sautéed lemongrass, it become more delicious and attractive.
Snail sautéed lemongrass
Snail sautéed lemongrass

Normally the dish of sea urchin in the city is quite expensive. However, when its season coming, it becomes cheaper.
Food is very cheap at the market. Last year, when we came here, a bowl of noodle and sauce costs only VND 2.000.
Next delicious dish is seaweed salad. Seaweed sweet gruel is also a popular dish here. In summer days, enjoying a bowl of seaweed sweet gruel is so great.
Seaweed salad
Seaweed salad

A bowl of delicious gruel 
Besides seaweed, Ly Son garlic is also specialty here. It is processed into intriguing salad.

 Translated by Nguyen Hao

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