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Chef Gordon Ramsay in Vietnam

Gordon's gastronomic tour of South East Asia brings him to Vietnam.

In Vietnam the culinary rule seems to be that if it moves, eat it. Gordon samples a host of surreal, challenging and delicious foods, including still-beating snake heart, freshly slaughtered barbecue duck, and basket-caught squid.

In Ho Chi Minh City Gordon visits the city's finest snake restaurant.

In Hanoi he grapples with the ferocious Madam Duck and begs her to reveal her secret duck recipe. He also rises to the challenge of broth maker Di Hai to sell over 80 broths in a tiny boat at a floating market in the Mekong Delta.

Gordon travels hundreds of miles to the tropical hot spot Mai Chau to learn how to prepare rice cakes.

Gordon's final challenge is to host a dinner of pork for several of Vietnam's most discerning and critical food connoisseurs.

Video by Gordon Ramsay

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