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Bánh bò - Vietnamese Steamed Rice Cake (Cow cake)

Bánh bò

One of Vietnamese traditional steamed cakes known as Bánh bò, literally translated as "cow cake" is a popular dish in the central and southern Vietnam. While Banh bo from the south comes in a wide variety of colors, Banh bo in Da Nang City is only in white color and has a mild coconut taste. I believe that most of Vietnamese couldn't help but loved it when we were kids. Banh bo has become an unforgettable part of our childhood. It is sad to see how difficult to find a place for buying Banh bo nowadays as well as to see our traditional cuisine values fading with time. This recipe is a modern approach using active dry yeast instead of the traditional rice wine balls“com ruou”, with an attempt to revive this special steamed cake through you readers.

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Click here for full written recipe (Bấm vào đây để xem cách làm bánh bò)
500g rice flour (~17.6 oz)
1 bowl tapioca starch (100g) ( ~1 US cup)
1 package active/instant dry yeast 7g (~ 1/4 oz) ( eg. Fleischmann's)
400ml coconut milk (~ 13.5 Fl.oz.)
1 ½ bowl sugar (300g) (~ 1 ½ US cup)
2 bowl warm water (~2 US cup)

Important note:
**Do NOT use sweet/glutinous/sticky rice flour**
**Do NOT use baking powder instead of yeast**
** For better result please use molds in small size and steam just 1/4 cup of the batter (60ml) for each cake
**The cakes taste the best freshly steamed. They normally turn hard by cold weather. In that case, just microwave the cakes 15 seconds before serving (or steam again for 2-3 minutes).
Vietnamesische Gedämpfte Bienenwabenkuchen
Zutaten: (20-25 Kuchen)
500g Reismehl ** bitte kein klebriges Reismehl verwenden **
100g Tapiokastärke
7g Hefe
400ml Kokosmilch
300g Zucker
450ml warmes Wasser
Kokosmilch und Zucker in einem Topf leicht erwärmen bis der Zucker aufgelöst ist. Reismehl, Tapiokastärke und Hefe in einer Schale vermischen. Das Wasser hinzufügen und zu einem Teig verarbeiten. Diesen ca. 10 min gut durchkneten und dann das Kokos-Zucker-Gemisch hinzufügen. Alles mit einander verrühren bis der Teig sich aufgelöst hat. Etwa 1,5 h gehen lassen.
Den Teig in die Förmchen füllen (~60ml per Kuchen)
10 - 15 min dämpfen.

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