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写给中华人民的信 - Letter to Chinese People

写给中华人民的信 - Letter to Chinese People

我国在历史上与你的国家和别各帝国经过了多次奋斗,我们的人民已经失去了这么多,我们希望生活在和平、友谊 和合作中。
所有我们总是希望两国活像由胡志明主席和毛泽东主席努力地得到了的成果和希望。忠于胡志明主席已说了的友谊方针: “无论是同志,既是兄弟”,像关于越-中友谊请由音乐家杜润写的歌词:
越南 – 中国山连山,江连江
但是,如果出现这种情况,整个越南民族,我们都愿意再一次牺牲,准备战斗到最后一滴血为保护我们民族的自由和独立。 9千万个人一直一心保护越南国家。
全体世界人民!热爱和平的朋友们! 中国正侵犯我们的主权,公然违反越南法律,违反了联合国宪章,违反1982年联合国海洋法公约。我们建议世界各国人民,帮助越南人民群众保护国家。


Dear Chinese people,
In the past, China has been invaded by other countries, so Chinese people also feel the pain and the loss when a foreign country was invaded.

I am a child of Vietnam. Certainly you can understand my feelings when our sovereignty is infringed by your army.

China has been invaded by other countries, so Chinese people also feel the pain and the loss when a foreign country was invaded.
Our nation has experienced many struggles with your country and other empires. We had lost so much. Therefore, we want to live in peace, friendship and cooperation. We always hope that our both countries will follow the desire and achievements that were gained by a great effort of President Ho Chi Minh and President Mao Zedong as well as the predecessors of the two countries. We hope that our country will follow the slogan about friendship that President Ho Chi Minh said, “We are comrades as well as brothers”, as the lyrics of composer Do Nhuan’s song, Vietnam – China: “Vietnam – China, joined by mountains, joined by rivers, sharing Eastern Sea, an friendship, early like the dawn.”

I am sure that you also want to live in peace, we do too. War is painful and death. War causes countless families to be in afflictive situations. Our wounds due to wars haven’t been healed. We don’t want to suffer that great pain once more time.

However, if that happens, all Vietnamese people are willing to sacrifice once more time to protect our freedom and independence. Our 90 million people are ready to protect our country together.
Dear peoples of the world – those who love peace,
China is violating Vietnam’s sovereignty. They are violating Vietnam’s law as well as UNCLOS 1982 and the United Nations Charter. Therefore, we look forwards to your help to protect our country.

Dear all of Vietnamese,
Because of peace, we have to compromise. But if China is still aggressive, I call for all of Vietnamese to stand up to protect our Vietnam.

We are ready for a Dien Bien Phu on the sea. Anything can be ignored but sovereigty and national jurisdiction could not be violated.

Long live Vietnam!
Long live Ho Chi Minh!
Long live Vo Nguyen Giap!

Bùi Thị Thuý An

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