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The Ballad of Ho Chi Minh (Bài ca Hồ Chí Minh)

Ho Chi Minh - Uncle Ho

Vietnam Information -The Ballad of Ho Chi Minh is the title of a song written by songwriter Ewan MacColl composed of Ho Chi Minh. The song was composed circa 1954 and was widely expressed.

On the night heard the French were to take control of Dien Bien Phu (07/05/1954), Ewan MacColl told his friends: ... Why victory is particularly significant is happening in Vietnam but not in a land other colonies? Recently I was reading your book, including many articles by a professor of history of East and France, Italy ... Hailed a great figure of the twentieth century. It was Uncle Ho Chi Minh, the leader has to lead the people of Vietnam as an outstanding victory of Dien Bien Phu ...

The inspiration of art wrote a work on the Ho Chi Minh had come to him after reading the book. And he of the rhythm song is the ancient Saxon folk, he used to say to this is people's sentiments of England for this 

The song later was quickly circulated throughout Vietnam. France and other antiwar classes.in the Songs increasingly been translated into many languages and spread throughout the world

The opening night Congress International Festival of singing protest war in Havana, Cuba in 1967, Ewan MacColl performed the song with artist Peggy Seeger, who was his mate and have received applause suggested performing 

.When the Congress of the International Festival of singing protest end couple (1967) has awarded the Ewan Maccoll Song Ho Chi Minh and outside cover has recorded some verses: 

in life there are things can't change 
the bird not subjugated ever 
these people live forever with time 
Ho Chi Minh.


The Ballad Of Ho Chi Minh
Ewan MacColl composition

Far away across the ocean,
Far beyond the sea's eastern rim,
Lives a man who is father of the Indo-Chinese people,
And his name it is Ho Chi Minh.
Ho, Ho, Ho Chi Minh.
Ho, Ho, Ho Chi Minh.

From VietBac to the SaiGon Delta
From the mountains and plains below
Young and old workers, peasants and the toiling tenant farmers
Fight for freedom with Uncle Ho.
Ho, Ho, Ho Chi Minh, etc.

Now Ho Chi Minh was a deep sea sailor
He served his time out on the seven seas
Work and hardship were part of his early education
Exploitation his ABC.

Now Ho Chi Minh came home from sailing
And he looked out on his native land
Saw the want and the hunger of the Indo-Chinese people
Foreign soldiers on every hand.

Now Ho Chi Minh went to the mountains
And he trained a determined band
Heroes all, sworn to liberate the Indo-Chinese people
Drive invaders from the land.

Fourteen men became a hundred
A hundred thousand and Ho Chi Minh
Forged and tempered the army of the Indo-Chinese people
Freedom's Army of Viet Minh.

Every soldier is a farmer
Comes the evening and he grabs his hoe
Comes the morning he swings his rifle on his shoulder
This the army of Uncle Ho.

From the mountains and the jungles
From the ricelands and the Plain of Reeds
March the men and the women of the Indo-Chinese Army
Planting freedom with vict'ry seeds.

From VietBac to the SaiGon Delta
Marched the armies of Viet Minh
And the wind stirs the banners of the Indo-Chinese people
Peace and freedom and Ho Chi Minh.


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