Tuesday, October 16, 2012

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Walking in the golden field - Em đi giữa biển vàng

 Walking in the golden field - Em đi giữa biển vàng 
Clip created by Hà Kin

It could be funny to say, this is my “music clip” since I am singing the background song for this video. It’s an old children song, pretty old – since the war time I think.

The song is about a little child walking in a ripe rice field. She sees a beautiful “golden sea”, the fragrance of the ripe rice is breezing in the wind. She feels everything is moving as if they are all singing along with her. Each grain is like a sweat from a farmer who had worked so hard to grow the rice….

It’s a very beautiful song praising a Vietnamese farmer. So rarely for an adult to cover such a song but I decided to sing it as I love this song so much. Most of my relatives are farmers who are still living in the rural areas. Poor – hard working people. I want to thank them for not only bringing me the rice every day, but also bringing me to this life.

Just had over one hour afternoon at my mother’s hometown in Nam Sach, Hai Duong, Vietnam. I had great chance to film my aunts (my mother’s sisters) working on their fields. It’s the harvesting season for rice, not really a great blooming season but as always: I love so much these smiles which are always there on their faces!

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