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Quang Tri

Located in Central Vietnam, Quang Tri has a variety of topography including mountain, upland, lowland, coastal sand dunes and island. The province has a 75 km coastline with two estuaries namely: Cua Tung and Cua Viet. Con Co Island is in the offshore. Quang Tri province covers a total natural area of 475,000 ha and a population of 63,000 (in 2003). Administratively, Quang Tri consists of 10 units (2 towns and 8 districts).

Quang Tri

Quang Tri is situated on important transportation routes, such as: the National road 1A, the Ho Chi Minh Road, the North-South railway and the waterway. Especially, there is highway No.9 situated on the East - West Economic Corridor (EWEC) pertaining to the Great Mekong Sub-region (GMS) that is most ideal trans-Asia route linking Myanmar, the Northeast of Thailand and Laos with Central provinces of Vietnam via Lao Bao international border gate.

The favorable location and the rich of natural resources and minerals are offering great advantages and prospects for the province to develop all fields of the provincial social economic foundation to keep pace with neighboring provinces and countries in the Southeast Asia and all over the world in the context of integration trend.

Quang Tri

Especially, in the last few years, Vietnamese Government has paid much attention to Quang Tri by issuing some new policies for its development, such as: establishing Lao Bao Special Economic - Commercial Area with the highest investment incentives according to current provisions of Vietnamese Laws and the international treaties signed or participated by Vietnam; conducting for setting up groups of industrial zones in Northern of Cua Viet, Southern of Dong Ha; allowing Quang Tri to make expanding urbanization plan, in which emphasis is stressed on the development of Dong Ha to be a level III city in 2007 and Lao Bao Special Economic - Commercial Area to be upgraded to a level IV city in 2010.

Besides, Quang Tri province had issued some investment preferential policies to create favorable investment environment and to attract the domestic and overseas investors. Together with preferential policies, Quang Tri had also promulgated some orientation policies on promotion development for the sand edge of sea, the far remote regions in the West of the province, the tourism sector. Furthermore, Quang Tri people with their characteristics of working hard are trying all their best to make contribution to the build and develop homeland country.

All the mentioned above are creating favorable conditions and good opportunities for the investors to cooperate to invest in Quang Tri province. Quang Tri is ready to open its doors to welcome all entrepreneurs and investors domestically and abroad.

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