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Located in the Mekong Delta, Kien Giang has a convenient location and a great economic potential. The area of the province is 6296 square kilometers with a 200 km long coastline and 105 small and big islands, of which the largest one is Phu Quoc Island. Kien Giang has a population of 1,726,026 people distributed in 16 administrative units, districts, towns and cities.


 Located in the Gulf of Thailand, Kien Giang has an important geographical and political position as the fulcrum of Vietnam in the Gulf of Thailand. It is 500km away from famous industrial and tourism development areas in the Southeast of Thailand, approximately 700 km far from the development area in the East of Malaysia, 1000 km from Singapore, and adjacent to the southwest gate of Cambodia. It takes only about two hours to fly from Kien Giang to the capitals of all 10 Southeast Asian countries and Southern China by civil aviation. It also has a favorable position to open the important sea and air international routes through the Southeast Asia and Northern Asia. Although it is the delta province, there are forests, mountains, sea, and islands with abundant, diversified and rich resources.

The potential of land for agricultural development is relatively large, so it’s favorable to develop crops such as rice, pineapple, sugar, pepper, cajuput.... With abundant marine resources, a long coastline and a large tidal plain, Kien Giang has a favorable condition for diversified and rich exploitation and aquaculture. It is the only province in the Mekong Delta that has rather big and plentiful reserves of limestone and building stones.
Kien Giang has many landscapes and historical and cultural relics with some places such as Phu Quoc, Ha Tien, Hon Dat, U Minh ... create rich and diversified views, facilitating tourism development.
The above geographical location makes favorable conditions to expand economic exchanges with countries in the Southeast Asia, being the bridge of the southwest provinces with the provinces outside and favorable for developing a diversified economy.


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