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Soc Trang

Soc Trang Province of Vietnam is located deep in the Mekong Delta. Soc Trang is bordered to the north and north-east by the Hau River (lower Mekong River) and Tra Vinh Province, to the north by Can Tho Province, to the north-west by Hau Giang Province, to the west and south-west by Bac Lieu Province, and to the south by the East Vietnam Sea.

Soc Trang lies at the end of the Hau River basin belonging to the Mekong River delta and praised as the land of festivities in Nam Bo, Viet Nam.

Nationalities Khmer

The cultural activities’features in Soc Trang are the deep character of the three nationalities Kinh-Khmer-Chinese. The whole province has 89 Khmer pagodas and 47 Chinese pagodas, among them Doi, Dat Set and Kh’leang are well-known pagodas.

"Dat Set "Pagodas

Every year, crowds of pilgirims come here to attend the celebrations and visit the local scenery. The Ok Om Bok festivity of Khmer people, organized on 15/10 of lunar calendar is considered as one of the 15 principal festivities of the whole country. The organisers place a big tray of food on the yard of the pagodas to express thank to the Moon for having given a good harvest and welfare. Paper lamps are then released into the sky, and rakts made of banane tree trunk, decorated with flowers and carrying offerings are floated on the river. Most ebullient is the Ngo junk race. At the Khmer cultural museum and Soc Trang Party province committee base are displayed many objects and imprints of the past long and fierce war against the French and Americans.
Doi Pagodas

For ecological tourism, Soc Trang ia famous for its large orchards on My Phuoc Isle and Vinh Chau mainland. The Thanh Tri stork garden with tens of thousands of white storks living amind natural ponds and lakes is also an interesting point of green tourism to watch the birds’activities.

The Ngo Rank Race

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