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Thanh Hoa

Thanh Hoa is a tourist centre of nation, with thousands of historical mounument associated to period of founding and defending our country. It has gone through thousands years of founding and defending the country, Thanh Hoa has 1.535 vestiges, among them with 134 relics have been listed by nation such as Nui do, Dong Son, Ba Trieu vestige, Le Hoan, Nha Ho, citadel, Lam Kinh and so on. These evidences have been more confirmed that Thanh Hoa is an area of “Dia Nhan Linh Kiet”.

Thanh Hoa

There are many interesting particular landscapes, especially Tien Son cave has been proudly called Viet Nam’s second Phong Nha” by local people. This is a vast and great mountain and waterways but still keeping intact. At the foot of Wild Mountain upward, we just only the cave is strange shapes of creature with appearances made by white stalactiles. On top of the mountain are slender and equal – lions, elephants and birds and beasts’s shaped stalactite – blocks made a fact and fiction world. Tien – well resemble with clear water jug placed on block. Underneath is Cung Thuy Te Vuong appearing magnificently with pearls, mussels, and no end of species from stalactites. Somewhere, there is running rustling noise – sound of shining silevy waterfall under glistening Bac stream.

Cuc Phuong national forest is forest is thick and immensurable. Wild orchids full of color and open all season are most beautiful. Rather mysterious caves in the limestone mountain of vestiges of Son Vi and Hoa Binh culture. It could be said that Cuc Phuong forest is a place where has combined natural museum and evident archaeologival site for stage of mankind’s social developmental stage. This is an invaluable asset of symbolic – tropical nature – landscapes on limestone.

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