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Steamed Rice Pancakes with Grilled Pork Stuffing

Hanoi is famous for its cuisine and it is the place where there are many delicious dishes from different regions in the country. One of them is steamed rice pancakes with grilled pork stuffing.
To make the dish, it is necessary to select high quality rice which is then cleaned and soaked in water for several hours before being ground into batter. A thin layer of batter is poured on a cloth that is tautly stretched and placed on top of the pot which can quickly cook the rice batter.

To prepare the stuffing, slice lean pork into thin pieces and mix it with fish sausage, pepper, chopped onion and garlic, sugar and white sesame. Grill the meat until it becomes brown. Put the rice crepe on a plate and roll it with grilled pork.

The dish is served with basil, papaya pickles and sweet-sour sauce mixed with red pepper and garlic.

Ingredients to make the dish’s stuffing consist of lean pork, sliced onion and garlic, onion juice and basil.

Steamed rice pancakes.

Place a steamed rice pancake on a plate and then roll it with basil and grilled pork.

The dish is decorated with fried onion and coriander and served with sweet-sour sauce.

Story: Vinh Hung - Photo: Tran Thanh Giang

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