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Bun (rice vermicelli), the origin for many Vietnamese delicious dishes!

Like pho, bun is also used widely in Vietnamese cuisine. For its versatile nature, Vietnamese eat bun for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even midnight meal. 

The following are among the most common dish with bun:
* Bun thang: Bun served with spiced broth, sliced fried eggs, sliced boiled chicken, sliced green onion, etc… Bun Thang is among the most beautifully decorated variety of bun.

Bun thang

* Bun oc: Bun served with tomato-based broth, snails, fried tofu, shrimp paste and a variety of herbs. Unless you are allergic to snail, you definitely should give this dish a try.

Bun oc

* Bun rieu: Bun served with tomato-based broth, crab meat, fried tofu and a variety of herbs. Because most ingredients are the same as ¨bun oc¨, you can easily find these two in the same restaurants.

Bun rieu

* Bun ngan/ Bun vit: Bun served with spiced broth and duck

Bun ngan

* Bun cha: Bun served with grilled meat ball, dipping sauce and greens. A Hanoi´s specialty, this dish has a number of varieties such as Bun Thit Nuong – Bun with skewed Pork.

Bun cha

* Bun bo: There are two version of Bun bo, one from Hue, the other from Southern Vietnam. Bun bo Hue is a noodle soup with pork feet and tomato-based broth, while Bun Bo Nam Bo is bun served with spiced fish sauce, sautéed beef and garlic, peanuts and greens.

Bun bo

* Bun ca: bun soup with fish. Though it does not sound like a good combination, the mixture is actually exquisite and mouthwatering.

Bun ca

* Bun dau: bun served with deep fried tofu, greens and either fish sauce or shrimp paste. If you cannot put up with the wicked fragrance (but delicious once you eat) of shrimp paste, go with the fish sauce. Either will give you an experience what food of commonality is like.

Bun dau


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