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Hai Phong

Hai phong is famous atrractive tourist spot of Vietnam. It covers 1,507.6 and its population is 1,7 million.Located on the Pacific Ocean, or “East Sea”, the city is situated in a tropical monsoon zone. The everage temperatue is 23 – 240C. The annual rainfall is 1600 – 1800mm. The climate here is hot in summer and cool in winter.The greenry of the tree can be seen all the year round.

Hai Phong

It is a wonderful place for rest and travelling. Haiphong has a lot of nice landscapes with many historical relics.As the famous Do Son Peninsula, Cat Ba Archipelago, Lan Ha Bay…attract many domestic and foreign tourists.

Nowaday, Haiphong claims many renowned historical relics and scenic spots.These include ancient temples, pagodas, mausoliums and shines such as: Du Hang pagoda, Hang Kenh Communal House, Nguyen Binh Khiem Temple, Traditional buffalo Fighting celebration in Do Son beach erea, Swing festival, Swimming Competition and Traditional Songs Festivities in Thuy Nguyen, Wrestling in Tien Lang and Boat competition in Cat Ba…

Haiphong means “Defense of the terriorial water”. The excavations in Cai Beo (Cat Ba) show that man used to live here as early as 6.000 years ago.

Haiphong claims many renowned historiacal and scenic spots. These include ancient temples, pagodas, mausoleums and shines such as: Du Hang Pagoda, Hang Kenh communal House, Nguyen Binh Khiem Temple, Traditional buffalo fighting celebration in Do Son beach area, Swing festival, Swimming competition and Traditional songs festivities in Thuy Nguyen, Wrestling festivity in Tien Lang and Boat competition in Cat Ba… Haiphong is a seaport on the crossroads of the international North – South and East – West maritime lines. Hundreds years ago, Chinese, Jananese, French, Spanish, Potugal… businessmen used to stop here for trade.

Hai Phong

Haiphong is a trading center and an ancient industrial city. The landway, waterway, railway and airway networks make it an important gate for passengers and cargo transport of Nothern Vietnam and South – Western China, very convenient for domestic and overseas communication. 

Haiphong has many temples, pagodas, mausoleums and shrines such as ancient Du Hang Pagoda, Nghe Temple, Hang Kenh Communal House... Haiphong has famous historical Bach Dang River, where the national heroes defeated three Chinese feudal invasions. The third victory over the Yuan-Mongolians was known all over the world. Many of the teakwood pointed spikes have been discovered in this river. Haiphong is on tourism route: Hanoi HaiphongHalong Bay. Do Son Beach, located 20km from Haiphong, is a sand strip for bathing. However, during the monsoon season, the Red River's alluvial sands cause the water to turn yellow. From Do Son, tourist can visit Cat Ba National Park, and continue to Bai Tu Long Bay and Halong Bay (Quang Ninh Province). Haiphong is also famous for many festivals, of which Choi Trau Festival (Do Son Buffalo-fighting festival) in Do Son Town is unique.

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