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Gia Lai

Tơ Nưng Lake
Tơ Nưng Lake
Gia Lai is located in central Tay Nguyen Highlands and shares a common border with Cambodia. The province’s population represents 1% of the country’s population and includes the Kinh, Gia Rai, and Ba Na minorities.

Gia Lai has the same typical tropical climate than the other provinces of Tay Nguyen Highlands. The annual average temperature is approximately 23°C.
Gia Lai has many beautiful landscapes. Kon Chu Forest is a protected area for wild animals. Other sites include the Ayunpa military base and villages of Ba Na ethnic group.
Gia Lai is one of the three provinces on the Central Highlands, 800 meters above sea level. The land here is fertile because it is made up of basaltic soil and black soil in valleys where is very suitable for rice and cotton growing. The province is home to three ethnic minority groups of the Gia Rai, the Ba Na and the Kinh.
Pleiku town is 950 kilometers north of Ho Chi Minh City. the provincial capital township is located amid the vast and flat basaltic plateau where is the location for tea and coffee, the two main crops in the region.

There are two distinctive seasons: the rainy season starts from May and ends in November. The dry season begins in December and finishes in April. Average temperature in the year is 23 degree Celsius. Pleiku is accessible from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City by both air and by land.

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