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Vinh Phuc

Vinh Phuc province in northern midland and mountainous, the Hanoi capital 60 kilometers north. One of the advantages of Vinh Phuc province compared to the surrounding area Hanoi is pretty big hills of the midlands, have good mechanical properties, convenient for construction and industrial development.

Tam Dao - Vinh Phuc province
Tam Dao - Vinh Phuc province
Vinh Phuc Province can be said to be blessed with many great advantages. On natural conditions, the Tam Dao mountain remains employed in the North - North-East is Red River, surrounded Lot River, the South East is down the hill followed by Vinh Tuong, Yen Lac, Binh Xuyen and the point magnetohydrodynamics: Dam Vac, dares, Green Lands, Swamp And ... create a beautiful natural scenery, stable association with biodiversity and landscape. There are geographical position - convenient transportation, natural resources, human resources potential employees for development in the areas of comparative advantage on economic - social, cultural - tourism.
Vinh Phuc has great potential of tourism resources and human nature, has a strategic position on important political, economic and cultural development in the process of the country. There is a population famous, famous natural attractions such as Tam Dao National Forest, waterfall The Long, Dai Lai Lake, Lake Village Ha ...Many folk festivals with strong national identity and many historical, cultural and bearing marks of history and spiritual values such as scenic Tay Thien, Tay Thien temple National sample. Tay Thien - Tam Dao is "earth spirit" of the country, the population is a famous scenic area, because here all three factors converge: Spirituality - beliefs and natural landscape ..


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