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The Peaceful Island of Hon Chuoi

Hon Chuoi Island covering about 7km2, is located at an altitude of about 170m above sea level in Tran Van Thoi District, Ca Mau Province. The island is surrounded by sheer cliffs and primitive forests.

Hon Chuoi is located in Song Doc Town, Tran Van Thoi District, Ca Mau Province.

Part of the peaceful island of Hon Chuoi seen from above.
Hon Chuoi Island has vast primitive forests.

The model of raising fish in cages, which has high economic value, has developed strongly in the island.

Checking fishing gear before each trip to the sea.

Drying seafood on the island.

Dropping anchor and cleaning fishing nets after each fish catching trip.

The daily life of the islanders.

Although the islanders' living standards have considerably improved, they still face many difficulties.  i
Preserving water for dry season on the island.

The peaceful life on the island.

Bustling fisheries activies on Hon Chuoi Ilsand.

The islanders gain access to a telecommunications network.

On the Island, there are 38 households with 129 people who mainly live on fishing and small trade. In recent years, the locals have implemented the model of raising fish in cages that have a high economic value. They also access telecommunications networks and other useful services and have a fresh water resource enough for the dry season, which helps improve their living standards. At the end of each year they always receive meaningful gifts from people on the mainland.  

Hon Chuoi Island is also one of the places where border guards have made great effort to protect the national sovereignty. For the locals, the soldiers are their moral support. They open classes to teach children and help the fishermen to shelter from storms and solve emerging issues during trips to the sea and give them medical treatment. In any circumstances, the locals and soldiers always show their solidarity and make joint efforts to solve difficulties.

Every day when the sun rises above the sea, the islanders start a new day with their normal works and the sounds of children who are learning to read from simple leaf-roof classrooms echoing in the space shows the peaceful life on the island.
Story: Son Nghia - Photos: Nguyen Luan
Source: Vietnam Pictorial

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