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New bridges inaugurated in Da Nang

Three bridges over the Han river in the central city of Da Nang opened to traffic on March 29 to mark the 38th anniversary of its Liberation Day.

They are named Tran Thi Ly, Nguyen Tri Phuong, and ‘Dragon’ to highlight the city’s dynamic growth and Han river, particularly at night.The 666m-long and 37.5m-wide Dragon bridge has six lanes and two 2.5m-wide sidewalks, installed with a modern lighting system and other equipment capable of releasing bursts of fire at night and spraying water during the days of major festivals and during the weekends.

Overall construction started in July 2009 at an estimated cost of VND1,700 billion.

With eight modern bridges spanning the Han River, Da Nang is credited as “a city of bridges”.

                                                       Ham Rong (Dragon) bridge   
                                                                  Tran Thi Ly bridge


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