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Tra Vinh

Tra Vinh is a coastal province in the Mekong Delta, bordering the provinces of Ben Tre, Vinh Long, Soc Trang and the East Sea. It has an area of 2292 square kilometers with a population of about 1.1 million people (of which the ethnic Khmer accounts for about 30%), including a provincial city and seven districts.

Tra Vinh is surrounded by Tien and Hau Rivers. The Tra Vinh land is s stretch of littoral delta with 65km of coasts, covered by lush green trees and a network of canals. Landscapes here are very attractive with rows of century-old trees intergrated with orchards.

Ba Om Pond

The nationalities living in the province comprise Kinh (majority people), Khmer and Chinese. For generations, nature and man have created many vestiges and original landscapes. Most well-known of them is Ba Am Pond which green and quiet water surface is shaded with century-old strees, and its roots emerged from the soil creating strange shapes.
Coming to Tra Vinh, tourist may enjoy to the full the healthy atmosphere and at the same time listen to strange and attractive legends related by local aged people. ‘Ngeu’ Dune, Ba Dong Beach are healthy resorts, well-known for its beauty and marine specialities.

Tra Vinh is also a land abundant in pagodas: 140 pagodas of Khmer people, 50 Vietnamese pagodas and 5 Chinese pagodas. The Buddhist pagodasbear ancient and solemn features imbued with each nationality’s special character.


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