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A vacation to Phan Thiet

Traveling is always seemed the best way to relax and discover the life around us. As a result, we often plan to go to visit the most attractive and beautiful places that we want to take a trip to. One of the places attacks a lot of visitors in the country and all over the world that is Phan Thiet.

Phan Thiet is famous for the destination of natural landscapes and attractions to visit. It is referred to be the ideal place to visit and discover the wild and stunning beauty of Vietnam. Mui Ne is known as the most famous and popular centre of travelling in Phan Thiet. Visiting Mui Ne, tourists will go to visit the Sand Dunes which is very well-known and featuring in Phan Thiet. The sand dunes are immense and wild, it makes visitors feel like they are in Sahara desert. It is so wonderful and exciting to experience Sahara desert in Vietnam. Furthermore, there are two main colours of sand dunes being white and red sand dunes. This brings us the feelings of immersing into the destiny and leaving all of the concerns and sadness behind. We only need to enjoy the immense landscape and take part in interesting activities here such as kite surfing and dune surfing with wonderful experience.

Besides Mui Ne, Phan Thiet also has many other places to visit such as Phan Thiet Harbour which is at the mouth of the Ca Ty River. Visitors will see hundred of colourful fishing boats and take the chance to go to visit bridges and parks in Phan Thiet Harbour. Takou Mountain is another must-see place with tomb towers. It attacks tourists by hiking up the mountain and take the gondola through the tropical rain forest of birds and wildlife to the Mountain Pagoda at the peak.

Phan Thiet also offers visitors other spots such as Phan Thiet Water Towers and the Prince's Castle where maintain the historic sites from the past. These are landscapes built in the past and retain the beauty in the past. We can go to visit and find the beauty of Phan Thiet. In addition, Van Thuy Tu Temple and Whale Museum, Lotus Lake are where you should not miss on your vacation to Phan Thiet.

Last but not least, Phan Thiet cuisine is one of the highlights of Phan Thiet. The food is very featuring and special with some delicious dishes such as: spade fish salad, deep fried loi fish in pork grease, Vietnamese crepe, can cakes, grilled squid teeth, grilled Vietnamese iguana, etc... These dishes are features of Phan Thiet and we only can enjoy the complete taste and smell of the dishes.

Don't hesitate to go to visit when you have an opportunity. Let's go to discover the beauty of Vietnam in common and Phan Thiet in particular. All are waiting for you to experience and enjoy the most special of the region.


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