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Hanoi Seen from Above

In the period of integration, Hanoi seems to have a new appearance, more modern and dynamic that is clearly seen through a series of new construction projects, particularly since Hanoi expanded its administrative boundary (August 1, 2008 - August 1, 2013).
To meet the requirement for development, improve the lives of the urban capital residents and beautify the landscape of the capital, the city authority has focused on building a modern and synchronous infrastructure, new urban areas and trade centres.

Seen from above, Hanoi looks like a colourful painting, worthy to be the cultural, political, economic centre and the “heart” of the country.
Hanoi Seen from Above
Seen from above, Hoan Kiem Lake looks beautiful with colourful flowers. Photo: VNP’s file

Lang Ha Street is brilliant at sunset. Photo: Duy Tuong

The section of Pham Hung on Belt Road No.3. Photo: Duy Tuong

The complex of My Dinh National Convention Centre, Hanoi Museum and National Urban Planning Exhibition Hall.
Photo: Duy Tuong

The Manor, a new residential area, was built at the T-junction on Pham Hung Road. Photo: Duy Tuong
The Manor by night. Photo: Huy Hung

Many new urban areas and high-class buildings were built on Le Van Luong Street. Photo: Cong Dat

A flyover highway above the section of Mai Dich- Northern Linh Dam Lake on Belt Road No.3. Photo: Cong Dat

Green trees intermingle with architectural projects at the centre of Hanoi. Photo: Cong Dat

Panoramic view of the West Lake and Truc Bach Lake. Photo: Duy Tuong

Photos: Duy Tuong, Cong Dat, Huy Hung & VNP’s File
Source: Vietnam Pictorial

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